Developer Blog: Bedtime in Concordia

Bioware released yet another Developer blog today titled “Bedtime in Concordia”. This time around the blog focuses on Shae Vizla‘s story – a Mandalorian who was credited for working with the Sith Empire and helping in storming the Jedi Temple in Coruscant.


Shae Vizla

Bedtime on Concordia

A blazing campfire cast three shadows across the open plain. The longest stretched from the angular form of a man still clad in the armor of his people, the fire’s light stumbling and bouncing across decades of pockmarks and scrapes in the Mandalorian iron’s surfaces. The other shadows’ figures were clad in training gear, their bodies still growing too quickly for proper armor to fit for long.

Galron watched his twin daughters over the flames. Tayn and Mari had done well in the day’s hunt, handled their weapons and gear properly, and shown great patience. He would tell their mother that they were growing into proper warriors, just like her.

Tayn looked into the light with a furrowed brow. When he caught her eye, she asked, “Should we have such a bright fire? Someone could see us from a long way off, right?”

Galron smiled at his daughter’s craftiness. “You’re right. But out here, natural predators are more dangerous than other people. And since the wildlife doesn’t see fire much, they’re afraid of it. Keeping a nice, bright fire will stop them from coming in for a nibble while we’re trying to sleep.” He chomped his teeth noisily at the girls, who giggled as they unloaded their packs.