SWTOR Patch Notes – 3.0.2a – 1/21/15

Caught Bioware Employ fixing Quick Travel PointHere are the patch notes from today’s maintenance.


  • Item rarity outlines no longer disappear when an item placed in a Cargo Hold.

Cartel Market

  • The Contraband Slot Machine’s Jawa Junk drop rate has been reduced and Faction-specific Walker mounts have been added to the potential rewards.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • It is no longer possible to become unable to progress due to a stuck party member if someone is defeated during the Jos and Valk Beroya encounter in Blood Hunt.
  • The Underlurker in Temple of Sacrifice will no long rush extremely quickly back to his target after using his Leap ability.
  • Malaphar the Savage has a new “Frustrated Roar” ability, and now deals damage to all players participating in his Temple of Sacrifice encounter if he reaches 80% health and is unable to reach a target.