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SWTOR Cartel Market Pass Compensation

Eric Musco has posted some more details of the cartel market pass compensation wich is in preparation for the next major game update:

As we discussed in my previous post, the Cartel Market Access passes are all being removed from the game with Knights of the Eternal Throne early access on 11/29. One of the big questions that has come up from that announcement is what our compensation plans are for anyone who still has passes. Our plan is quite simple, for each pass that is present on an account as of 11/29 you will receive a 100% refund of Cartel Coins for the cost of the pass. Note that whether you directly purchased the pass from the Cartel Market or received it from another method such as the GTN, trade, etc. you will still receive the refunded Cartel Coins. As a reminder, here are the Cartel Coin costs for each of the passes which are being removed:

  • 240 CC – Weekly Pass: Flashpoints
  • 240 CC – Weekly Pass: Operations
  • 240 CC – Weekly Pass: Space Missions
  • 240 CC – Weekly Pass: Warzones
  • 4,320 CC – 180-Day Pass: Starfighter
  • 720 CC – 30-Day Pass: Starfighter
  • 240 CC – 7-Day Pass: Starfighter

Once Early Access launches on 11/29 all passes will be removed entirely from the game and players will see the Cartel Coins added to their account. It is important that any passes which are in Guild Banks are removed before this happens. If a pass is in a Guild Bank it will be deleted and no compensation will be provided.

Thanks everyone.