Why PDF Readers Are Better Than Online PDF Reading Options?

Since the success of PDF readers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari have come up with their own PDF reading extensions. Users just need to download an extension and can read PDF files on their browser. However, the question is, do they provide the same functionality as a full blown PDF reading software does? Let’s find out.

Online PDF reading options are nothing like full PDF software. Here’s why PDF readers are better than other online options:

Enhanced Performance

When you want to use PDF files for professional purposes then compromising on the performance is not an option. There’s a huge difference when you upload large PDF files on a PDF reader and on an online software.

The PDF reader easily loads large file and in much lesser time than the other option. The reason being, PDF readers utilize less amount of RAM to open a file while a browser consumes a lot of RAM to process larger files, especially if there are multiple tabs open at once.

Moreover, there are many backend processes being run behind the browser and it won’t prioritize PDF file loading,which can slow the system even more and even cause the browser to crash.

On the other hand, PDF readers are designed to work with PDF files so there’s no issue with speed or performance. You can do a lot more in less time with a well designed PDF reader like Soda PDF.

Additional Features

Why do we keep updating the operating system of our devices? To get additional features. Same can be said for PDF readers. They provide us with many features that online PDF readers don’t.

Browser extensions can only offer features like viewing or editing a document but with PDF reader software, there’s a lot more you can do.

PDF readers let you choose reading modes, sign documents, convert files, manage all the files in an order etc. These functionalities aren’t provided when you use a browser to work on a PDF file.

Furthermore, there’s no security when you are accessing a sensitive PDF document on an online browser. But, a PDF reader lets you password protect files so that only you can access them. This way even if someone gets access to a file, they will not be able to open it unless they have the password.

PDF readers also allow users to listen to the document in case they’re not in the mood to read it. This is a great option for people who are book readers or have eye sight issues. Again, online PDF readers don’t offer these options.

Enhanced Security

It’s a mistake to create or access sensitive PDF files online. There are a lot of cyber attacks in place recently and working with sensitive documents such as credit card information, payslips, cash information etc., can cause problems.

PDF readers on the other hand provide enhanced security to users and are the perfect fit for handling sensitive information on files.

So, get a PDF reader installed on your device today because they are free to use.