The Most Interesting Railway Lines in the World

Train travel is something that many of us have missed in the last year. As soon as it is safe, we can continue using the railways to explore the world. It is not always the destination that makes the travel exciting, but sometimes the journey itself. There are some fantastic lines and well worth a trip if you are in the area. If you thought that polski sloty was exciting, you would love the following journeys.

  1. The Trans-Mongolian Express Ulaanbaatar Mongolia to Beijing China

When it comes to scenery, the area between Moscow and Beijing is unrivalled. There is variety throughout the section as you enter Mongolia, including grassy dunes spread from the dry red flats. As evening begins, there is a glimpse of lakes, and the ground retains its orange glow. By the time you reach China, the Great Wall is visible. You pass through orchards before heading down towards the river, where fishers are still working as they have for centuries.

  1. The Sunset Limited New Orleans to Los Angeles the USA

On this trip, you will be riding the oldest named train in the United States. The two days you spend on the Sunset Limited see you travel from New Orleans to Los Angeles. There is a panoramic viewing car that gives you access to the Louisiana bayou and Arizona sunsets. Time passes slowly and peacefully, and you can marvel at the cacti found in New Mexico. The lucky travellers will see golden eagles circling, while others will be happy to enjoy the peace.

  1. The Venice Simplon Orient Express Venice Italy to London UK

Considered one of the most famous trips possible, there is more than a hint of luxury. Damask sheets cover beds in private compartments, and passengers dress in a reminiscent of the 1920s. Lunch is taken while you travel past the Italian Dolomites before sweeping past the Swiss Alps.

  1. The Mandovi Express Mumbai to Madgaon India

You will spend 12 hours on the Mandovi Express as you travel down the Konkan Coast. To one side is the Arabian Sea, while the other has the Sahyadri hills. You leave Mumbai early in the evening and are soon descending to Goa. Riding through palm trees and coconut groves, you thunder over more than 2000 bridges. Food is not forgotten, and the chefs are considered to provide the finest train food. If you want a change, then there are plenty of hawkers travelling as well as selling snacks and drinks.

  1. Hanoi to Da Nang Vietnam

The starting point is Hanoi, and here you board the Reunification Express then travel down to Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang is the most stunning part, and once you reach the capital, you will see the lifestyle of the locals as they end their day. The next morning begins with the sunrise and the ascent into the jungle. Again, you are so close to villagers and will have banana leaves beating at your windows. Finally, you are at the top of the cliffs above the South China Sea, looking at Lang Co Bay and the arrival at Da Nang Station.