The Success of Star Wars-Based Video Games

Star Wars video games have earned popularity due to their excellent action, thrilling graphic visuals and fun. Some might argue that these games have even more variations than the game themes of slots online, but this time we’ll give the focus on only a select few examples.
George Lucas has given importance to the star wars video games and established many star wars video games that achieve huge success.

Star Wars video games have been developed in three phases:

  •  The initial licensed stage of the Star Wars video game was established from 1979 to 1993. 
  • The era of Lucas arts later George Lucas put up with concern in reducing the complexities and enhancing the characteristics of the visual games so he decided to expand his video game company Luca arts. 
  •  Star Wars Games after a deal with Disney in 2013 Disney acquired the rights to video games from George Lucas. Many games are discontinued which exist in the process. Later Disney dealt with EA for the growth of Star Wars games and renamed it Lego Star wars.

Although several people have criticized the Star Wars video games, it still depends mostly on their taste and preference. 

Star wars games which accomplished vast success:

Stars wars- The empire strikes back

This star wars video game was established by Lucasfilm Games and was published in 1991 on the platform Nintendo entertainment. This video game was related to the original star wars film and was the first-star wars video game announced for Atari 2600. Shadow of the Empire Luca arts (1996)was the greatest hit due to its real 3d space, excellent graphics, practical tone effects etc. 

Star wars-Droids

This game was formulated by Mastertronic and published in 1988. This game is known for its unusual variety of construction sets and missions.

Star Wars- Jedi Arena

Parker’s brother has formulated Star Wars Jedi Arena in 1983. It was legitly enormous to play a game that commands a bunch of strategy and attention although this game is disliked by many people because it was a star game with lightsabers where you don’t battle with your rival. 

Star Wars-Super return of Jedi

This game was published in 1992 as an arcade game by Atari 2600 and earned popularity due to its incredible graphics, sounds and gameplay. 

Star Wars-(1991)

 The reason for the success of The Star Wars game(1991) was greatly admired by the Audience it was more creative than today’s games. This game was a fast furious entertainment game with impressive graphics and stunning gameplay.

Star Wars- x-wing 

Star Wars x-wing was formulated by total games in 1993 and it was the early Luca arts computer game established in the star wars universe. Due to its powerful soundtrack and remarkably sharp graphics, it was a most favorite and timeless game in the era of star wars video games.

Tie fighter-Star Wars

According to the research, 93% of fans preferred this game to others. It was the consequence of the X-Wing series formulated by the Totally games and Lucas Arts in1994. This is often the most promising Star Wars game. It is moreover named a time fighter because it enables you to fly all of the Imperial fireworks. 

Star Wars- Dark Forces is a first-person shooter game that was published in 1995. It was incredible as another 90s top fps game and played extremely often at LAN parties

Darks forces-2 

Dark forces-2 was published in 1997 with Luca Arts.

Trilogy arcade rebellion 

In the 1988 trilogy arcade rebellion was released along with a 5-star wars game in the production of Luca arts.

Star Wars-The old republic 

The old Republic Star Wars has a captivating storyline and the dynamics are outstanding. 

Star Wars- Galaxies video game 

Star Wars Galaxies was created by Daybreak Game Company in 2003. 

There are 100 Star Wars games that have earned vast achievements. Thereafter, the deal with Disney the star wars Lego series was announced by Warner Bros. 

Star wars games are vastly thrilling warfare play games that obstruct your mind and are also a pleasure to play.