Ok I’m no Carebear, but I do like some fluff. In WoW, I like my little Mechanical Yeti, or My Disgusting Oozling. In WAR I love my Red Demon Horse, and the fact I can dye my armor, which like DAOC I spent a vast fortune on.

In some upcoming games, and current games, I thought of some fluff I may want, and thought I would share. Today’s game will be…..

Star Wars: The Old Republic.


  1. That little black Tonka Truck Droid, that beeps at Chewbacca on the Death Star. Couldn’t find a pic, but ya know the little toaster on wheels.
  2. My Own Salicious Crumb, to laugh at all my bad jokes. Me Jabba No Wanka… HAHAHAHAHAAA
  3. A Twi’lek Dancing Girl. Hot Chick with Head Thingies…Nuff said.
  4. My Own Gamoreean Guard…How cool to have a Pig Man following you around.
  5. Last but not least I want a Jawa….


  1. The Tauntaun, and really cool if we can open it’s belly in an emergency.
  2. Dewback Lizard – Nothing says Badass like sitting on a Dewback in the desert.
  3. A Bantha…so I can ride in single file line to hide our numbers.



All I need is a cloak with a hood, and a red lightsaber to chop mofoes up, everything else is bonus. Dye’s not needed..it’s gonna be all black.

Cool Website..

It has info on animals, and climate of planets in the Star Wars Universe. Check it Out.