senior writer talks about writing the Jedi Knight

Drew Karpyshyn is the senior writer for the Star Wars: The Old Republic team with plenty of experience writing characters from the dark side, but now he’s stepping out of his comfort zone to take a walk on the Jedi side. The fun he’s having writing the Jedi Knight class comes through clearly in Friday’s developer blog entry: “Nothing says Star Wars like a brown-robed figure brandishing a shimmering energy blade of righteous destruction.

Exploring the Jedi Knight class meant delving the Jedi Code and how it works in theory vs. how it works in practice. What happens when you take that code and mix in a hefty dose of “what if?” is a recipe for all kinds of possibilities, and Karpyshyn is having a great time exploring them. His experience writing the dark side gives his version of “what if” a little edge, exploring thoughts of renegade Jedi Knights who are willing to bend the rules for the greater good.
It’s a fun read, with a great look into Karpyshyn’s thoughts on the class — you can take a look at the full entry on the official site.