Star Wars Welcomes Its First Openly Transgender Actor, Abigail Thorn, in Upcoming Disney+ Show 'The Acolyte'

Star Wars Welcomes Its First Openly Transgender Actor, Abigail Thorn, in Upcoming Disney+ Show ‘The Acolyte’

In a landmark move, the Star Wars franchise has announced the casting of its first transgender actor, Abigail Thorn. Thorn has joined the ensemble for the upcoming Disney+ show ‘The Acolyte’​​.

The Acolyte’, first announced in 2020, is set to take viewers on a journey a century before the events of the initial Star Wars film, ‘The Phantom Menace. The mystery-thriller series will follow a Jedi Master and Padawan as they investigate a series of crimes throughout the galaxy, encountering dark forces, possibly including Sith, along their journey. The series is already boasting a star-studded cast with names like Amandla Stenberg, Jodie Turner-Smith, Dafne Keen and others. Thorn, as the first transgender actor to appear in a Star Wars series, adds another milestone to the show’s roster​​.

While details about Thorn’s character are scant, she will be portraying the character of Ensign Eurus. The term ‘Ensign’ typically refers to a low-ranking officer in space-navies, leading to speculations that Eurus might embody the archetype of the daring pilot, a key trope in the Star Wars universe​​.

Abigail Thorn has an extensive career in acting, writing, and directing. She came out as a transgender woman in 2021, sharing her personal journey on the YouTube Channel ‘Philosophy Tube’ along with her new name and preferred pronouns. Her most recent work is a stage-performance called ‘The Prince’​​.

‘The Acolyte’ is slated for release in 2024 and is expected to run for eight episodes. Fans can look forward to a trailer release sometime later this year​.

The Acolyte’ is just one of many Star Wars projects currently in development. The franchise is preparing to release several shows and films over the next few years, including the ‘Ashoka’ show, the fourth season of ‘The Mandalorian’, and a new trilogy exploring the past, present, and future of the Star Wars galaxy​.

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