Fantasy Football Sleepers

How to Use Fantasy Football Sleepers in Your Strategy

With 10.3 million people tuning in for Thursday night football games, you know there’s a strong market for fantasy football. And if you’re already involved, you may be wondering how to up your game. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sometimes the best attack plan involves going with underrated players. Read on to learn how to use fantasy football sleepers in your strategy!

Look at a Player’s Upside

When it comes to fantasy football tips, a big one is to look for players with potential. The very definition of a fantasy football sleeper is an individual who performs better than his draft selection might indicate. This could be a player drafted in a later round who comes off the bench to lead a team in touchdown receptions or interceptions.

You can improve your fantasy football stats by determining which players are primed to shine. After all, you’re limited in terms of how much you can spend with fantasy football. You won’t have the funds to stuff your roster with household names.

Instead, look at players with lots of upside. These would be players who have been in the league a few years but not had that breakout moment.

Consider targeting young players with technical prowess. For example, Chris Olave, a young wide receiver, might be able to capitalize on his excellent route running to amass touchdowns. Or Miles Sanders might be the right choice given his ability to amass yardage quickly.

You don’t have to look only at fresh talent, either. Established players who change teams might excel under new leadership. Or veterans might hit their stride after a few years of injury-plagued seasons.

For instance, a former star like Matt Ryan may be poised to put up stronger numbers in Indianapolis. With a better offensive line, he’ll have more protection and more time to throw accurate spirals. 

Check Second Stringers on Potent Teams

Along the same lines, you can specifically look at those players who aren’t in the starting slots. Particularly on top teams, like the Chiefs or Bengals, the benchwarmers are high-caliber players. In many cases, they could start on other teams.

Look at teams with strong offensive production. These are teams that can pile on the points through an active running game or high-flying passing game. While you might be tempted to choose a big-name player, look at the second and third-string players.

Often, the players who don’t start still come in off the bench and score the touchdowns. Names like James Cook and Tony Pollard come to mind. Calvin Ridley, a wide receiver, is another player who can be overshadowed. 

These are players who can do well in tight yardage situations. They may also be players known to handle pressure well. You might not know the names of Rashaad Penny and Elijah Mitchell, but these second-string running backs are among the best in the league. 

Choose Big Name Backup Players

Every well-known player in a key role has someone waiting to fill his shoes. And in the event of an injury, that scenario is inevitable. You might be surprised how close in quality a starter and backup actually are.

And when you’re putting together a fantasy line-up, you can save money by going with the backup. Remember that the backup still is taking reps at practice and gunning for an opportunity to save the day during a game. They might not have the same star power as the starter, but there’s a good chance they have the skills to dazzle under pressure. 

Also, remember that Tom Brady was a backup! His big chance came when Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury. As a sixth-round draft pick, Brady was an unlikely candidate to step in and carve out the career he did. 

Backups are like understudies awaiting their big break. They have reason to be motivated and put in the extra hours of practice in case their time comes. Try to imagine who could be the next Kurt Warner or Geno Smith.

Do Your Research

Finally, commit time to doing the research necessary to assemble a quality team. Just randomly picking names based on star power or price might end up costing you. By contrast, researched rosters can give you an edge.

Start by looking at the best NFL future bets and analysts’ sports picks. Compile lists of potential draftees at each position, including their stats and histories. And don’t be afraid to take a risk on a sleeper!

Commit to a strategy that includes drafting rookies and benchwarmers with tremendous upside. Use caution when drafting players prone to chronic injuries or benching. And don’t rule out players associated with struggling teams.

Sometimes excellent players are cursed with bad luck playing on bad teams. In a different and more successful environment, they could shine. Their lackluster stats may be a result of poor coaching or an offensive system that doesn’t use their skills well.

Consider looking at the best players on the worst teams in the league. You’ll be able to get them for a steal, and they might just be the breakout stars you need to do well with fantasy football this year. 

Use Fantasy Football Sleepers to Your Advantage

Choosing the best fantasy football sleepers can be the key to doing well. Do your research to see analysts’ football predictions, and look at players who have the potential to have an exceptional year. 

Find more tips to fuel your winnings. Check back soon for new articles!