Fan Films: Ed Johnson Presents: THE CLONE CHRONICLES

Thanks to another creatively minded Star Wars fan with a compulsion to tell his own story from within the universe, it is our pleasure to bring a group of motion comics to your discerning attentions.

The online serials – now numbering seven episodes – were created by Ed Johnson, and use Hasbro Star Wars figures to tell the story of a group of Clone troopers who learn of a secret weapon on-board the crashed ship from the Alien movies, and discover that Emperor Dooku is seeking to acquire the weapon for his own and the Separatists’ ends. The troopers, lead by Commander Cody and Captain Rex must head to the downed ship and beat Dooku to the weapon.
We spoke to the comics’ creator to find out a bit more about his motivations, and why he chose to go with the action figure approach:

I was inspired by both the Genndy Tartakovsky & the Dave Filoni headed up series back when they started out but felt there wasn’t enough from the P.O.V. of the guys I found more interesting than Obi & Anakin – The Clones – I wanted to know everything there was to know about these guys – their motivation – how they handled the themselves when Jedi weren’t around, etc.

Unfortunately i was not blessed with the talent / skill of drawing so utilizing the amazingly well designed Hasbro figures – I found a way to tell my stories.

Below is episode one of the series, and follow this link to the other six over at Youtube.

They’re certainly worth a look, and it’s great to see such a nerdy mash-up of stories executed so simply and effectively.