Unveiling Shadows: 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Test Server Unlocks 7.4 Content

Unveiling Shadows: ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Test Server Unlocks 7.4 Content

The realm of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) is abuzz with anticipation as the game unveils its 7.4 content on the Public Test Server. Following the recent livestream on October 18th, players now have a chance to explore and provide feedback on the new content ahead of its official release.

Discoveries on Ord Mantell

Returning to Ord Mantell, players will engage in daily missions and Geothermal Shielding Missions. A new world boss named FR3-D0M awaits to challenge the heroes. The Kessan’s Landing, a new area, opens up for exploration, offering a fresh narrative and gameplay experience.

Gear Up for Battle

Notably, the 7.4 update brings about new gearing changes, keeping the gameplay invigorating and challenging.


The 7.4 content update on the Public Test Server offers a glimpse into the exciting changes awaiting the players in the near future, ensuring the SWTOR saga continues to thrive with engaging content and challenges​.


Novara Skuara

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