Full Roster of Writers for Disney+’s “The Acolyte” Unveiled

Disney+’s highly anticipated Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” has been generating buzz since its announcement. Now, adding to the excitement, the full list of writers contributing to the series has been revealed, promising a diverse array of talents and perspectives that are set to bring this new chapter in the Star Wars saga to life.

A Blend of Established and Emerging Talents

The team behind “The Acolyte” boasts a mix of seasoned writers with proven track records in the industry and fresh faces who bring unique voices to the table. This blend ensures that the series will have a rich tapestry of narratives, drawing from various experiences and storytelling styles.

Leading the Charge: Leslye Headland

At the helm of “The Acolyte” is Leslye Headland, known for her work on “Russian Doll.” As the series‘ showrunner, Headland’s vision will be pivotal in shaping the direction of the show. Her knack for crafting intricate, character-driven stories is expected to bring depth and nuance to the Star Wars universe.

Diverse Voices for a Rich Narrative

The revealed list of writers showcases a commitment to diversity, both in terms of background and writing experience. This diversity is anticipated to infuse the series with a broad spectrum of ideas, ensuring that “The Acolyte” resonates with a global audience and adds layers to the Star Wars mythos.

Setting the Stage for Intrigue

The Acolyte” is set in the final days of the High Republic era, a time not extensively explored in previous Star Wars projects. With political intrigue, the rise of the dark side, and the mysteries of the Force at its core, the series promises to be a thrilling addition to the Star Wars canon. The combined expertise of the writing team is set to delve deep into this era, shedding light on the events that shape the galaxy’s future.


With the revelation of the full list of writers for “The Acolyte,” expectations for the series have soared. As fans eagerly await its release on Disney+, there’s a palpable excitement about the fresh narratives and perspectives that this talented team will bring to the Star Wars universe. The galaxy far, far away is set to expand in thrilling new directions.