Kit Reveal: Comeuppance in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Kit Reveal: Comeuppance in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forum recently unveiled a new addition to their game, the Comeuppance unit. This addition reflects the game’s continued expansion and the developers’ commitment to enriching the player experience with diverse and engaging content.

Overview of Comeuppance

  • Unit Name and Alignment: The new unit is named Comeuppance and is aligned with the Light Side.
  • Categories: It falls under the categories of Support, Resistance, Scoundrel, and Smuggler.

Key Attributes and Inspiration

  • Assists and Attacks: Comeuppance assists allies with the Deflector Shield and can attack out of turn, targeting and locking enemies.
  • Reinforcement Mechanics: Upon reinforcement, Comeuppance exposes all enemies, significantly impacting the battlefield.
  • Inspiration from Zorii Bliss: The character’s addition was inspired by Zorii Bliss, a character added to the game the previous year. Her Y-wing was also considered for inclusion to strengthen the Resistance fleet.
  • Influence of Poe’s X-wing: The unit’s abilities and presence are influenced by Poe’s X-wing’s Dramatic Entrance buff, which is extended to her and her allies when she reinforces.

Abilities and Strategy

  • Basic Ability – IX4-B Laser Cannons: Deals physical damage to the target enemy. Gains Dramatic Entrance if already present, boosting Resistance allies’ critical chance and damage.
  • Special Ability – Want to Come With Me?: Exposes the target enemy, grants Foresight to Resistance allies, and calls for their assistance if the enemy is already exposed.
  • Uniques: Comeuppance has two unique abilities, “Spice Running Tactics” and “I Think You’re Okay,” enhancing its health, protection, and counter chances, and synergizing well with other Resistance allies.

Gameplay Strategy

  • Utilizing Comeuppance: Players are encouraged to use Comeuppance for reinforcement, which provides significant buffs to Resistance allies. Capitalizing on enemies being exposed is key to maximizing the fleet’s power.

Conclusion and Release Details

The addition of Comeuppance in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a testament to the developers’ ongoing efforts to keep the game fresh and engaging. This new unit not only adds depth to the Resistance fleet but also offers players new strategic options to explore in their galactic conquests. Players can look forward to obtaining Comeuppance through the Galactic Chase starting Friday.

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