MixMob Licenses Star Wars Stormtrooper for Solana-Based Racing Game Revolution

MixMob Secures Star Wars Stormtrooper License: A New Era for Blockchain Gaming

In a groundbreaking move for the blockchain gaming industry, MixMob, the creator of the Solana-based racing game, has announced its successful licensing of the iconic Stormtrooper character from the Star Wars film franchise. This strategic decision marks the beginning of MixMob’s official licensing strategy, with ambitious plans to secure three additional licenses in 2024, signaling a new era of collaboration between mainstream entertainment and blockchain technology.

A Strategic Licensing Move

The licensing of the Stormtrooper character is a significant milestone for MixMob, a game that combines elements of “Clash Royale and Mario Kart” into a web3 racing experience. Backed by notable investors such as Solana Ventures and Arthur Hayes, MixMob’s initiative to integrate popular movie characters into its gaming universe underscores the potential of blockchain games to bridge the gap between traditional entertainment and the burgeoning world of web3.

MixMob: Racer 1 – A Blend of Cultures

MixMob’s debut card racing game, “MixMob: Racer 1,” is poised to revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape by embracing the essence of remix culture. By integrating the original Stormtrooper into its gameplay, MixMob aims to offer a unique gaming experience that pays homage to the beloved Star Wars universe while pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming mechanics. The game, currently available on desktop, is set to expand its reach with a planned launch on mobile devices in the second quarter of this year.

Rallying Under the Stormtrooper Banner

Under the leadership of CEO Simon Viera, a former Electronic Arts employee, MixMob envisions creating dynamic teams and factions that unite under the banner of the original Stormtroopers. This vision seeks to transform the Stormtroopers into symbols of unity and competition within the game, fostering a sense of community and rivalry among players. Viera’s experience in the gaming industry and his innovative approach to game development are key factors in MixMob’s ambitious plans for the future.

Funding and Future Plans

Approximately two years ago, MixMob raised $7 million in its latest seed funding round, providing the financial backing necessary to pursue its licensing strategy and game development goals. With the Stormtrooper license now secured, MixMob is well-positioned to pursue additional licenses in 2024, further expanding its universe with characters and elements from other popular franchises.


MixMob’s licensing of the Stormtrooper character from Star Wars represents a significant leap forward for blockchain gaming, merging the worlds of iconic entertainment properties with innovative gaming technologies. As MixMob continues to develop “Racer 1” and plans for future expansions, the gaming community eagerly awaits the new dimensions of gameplay and storytelling that these collaborations will bring. With its strategic licensing approach and vision for the future, MixMob is set to redefine what’s possible in the realm of blockchain gaming.

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