Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Movie Back in Development with Patty Jenkins

“Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” Prepares for Takeoff: Patty Jenkins and Lucasfilm Reignite Development

After navigating through a turbulent phase of uncertainty, the “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” movie is charting a course back into development, promising fans an exhilarating return to the beloved universe. Director Patty Jenkins recently shared an optimistic update on the project’s status, signaling a new dawn for the long-awaited film.

Emerging from Development Hell

“Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” found itself in a precarious position after being virtually shelved in March 2023. Initially announced with great enthusiasm, the project encountered several obstacles that led to its indefinite pause. However, in a surprising turn of events, Jenkins revealed on the Talking Pictures podcast (as reported by IGN) that the movie is slated for script rewrites, breathing new life into the anticipated project.

The Journey of “Rogue Squadron”

Lucasfilm initially put the live-action movie on hold in May 2022 when Jenkins committed to directing “Wonder Woman 3,” part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The decision to prioritize the Amazonian warrior’s cinematic saga led Disney, Lucasfilm’s parent company, to remove “Rogue Squadron” from its release schedule, sparking concerns among the Star Wars community.

Despite the setbacks, Jenkins maintained a positive relationship with Lucasfilm, expressing her willingness to return to “Rogue Squadron” if the opportunity arose. With “Wonder Woman 3” no longer in active development, Jenkins and Lucasfilm have rekindled their collaboration, finalizing a deal that commits Jenkins to delivering a new draft of the “Star Wars” script.

A New Hope for Star Wars Fans

While “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” is still some distance from its cinematic debut, the revival of its development is a beacon of hope for fans eager for new adventures in the galaxy far, far away. In the meantime, the Star Wars universe continues to expand on the small screen, with successful series like “The Mandalorian” and upcoming shows such as “The Acolyte” keeping the flame alive.

The Return of Star Wars to the Big Screen

The resurgence of interest in Star Wars films can be attributed to the return of Bob Iger as Disney’s CEO. Iger’s strategic focus on revitalizing Disney’s flagship franchises has paved the way for a slew of new Star Wars movies, alongside other major projects from Marvel, Pixar, and the “Frozen” universe. With films directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Taika Waititi, James Mangold, and Patty Jenkins in the pipeline, Star Wars is poised for a triumphant return to cinemas.


The revival of “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” under the guidance of Patty Jenkins and Lucasfilm marks an exciting chapter in the Star Wars saga. As Jenkins sets out to craft a new draft, fans can look forward to the promise of high-flying action and new lore. With Bob Iger at the helm of Disney, the Star Wars franchise is gearing up for a grand resurgence, ready to captivate audiences with new stories from the iconic galaxy far, far away.


What is Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is an upcoming film directed by Patty Jenkins, focusing on the legendary starfighter pilots of the Rebel Alliance. The movie aims to deliver intense aerial combat scenes and a compelling story set in the Star Wars universe.

Who is directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? Patty Jenkins, known for directing Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, is set to direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Her involvement has generated significant excitement due to her reputation for creating strong, character-driven narratives.

What is the current status of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? As of the latest updates, development for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has been reignited, with Patty Jenkins and Lucasfilm actively working on the project. Pre-production activities are underway, with efforts focused on finalizing the script and assembling the production team.

When is the release date for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? While an exact release date has not been officially announced, the film is anticipated to premiere sometime in 2025. Further updates from Lucasfilm and Patty Jenkins are expected to provide more specific timelines as development progresses.

What can fans expect from the storyline of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? Although specific plot details are scarce, fans can expect an action-packed story centered on the elite starfighter pilots of the Rebel Alliance. The film promises to explore their missions, camaraderie, and the high-stakes battles they face against the Galactic Empire.

How does Patty Jenkins plan to approach Star Wars: Rogue Squadron? Patty Jenkins has expressed her passion for aviation and her desire to create the greatest fighter pilot movie ever made. She plans to bring an authentic and exhilarating experience to the audience, blending her personal interests with the rich lore of the Star Wars universe.

Has the cast for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron been announced? As of now, the cast for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has not been officially announced. Casting decisions are likely in progress, and future updates will reveal the actors chosen to bring the characters to life.

How does Star Wars: Rogue Squadron fit into the larger Star Wars timeline? Details about how Star Wars: Rogue Squadron fits into the broader Star Wars timeline have not been fully disclosed. However, it is expected to explore new aspects of the Star Wars universe, potentially taking place after the events of the original trilogy.

What impact will Star Wars: Rogue Squadron have on the Star Wars franchise? Star Wars: Rogue Squadron aims to expand the Star Wars cinematic universe by introducing new characters and storylines focused on starfighter pilots. It has the potential to revitalize interest in this aspect of the franchise and attract both longtime fans and newcomers.

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