Voss Shrine Sculpture to be available in SWTOR Game update 3.3

The decoration that has been missing since the release of Star Wars: The old Republic: strongholds –  the Voss Shrine Sculpturewill be available in patch 3.3 from the reputation vendor: “Voss Shrine Sculpture” is it in game? | 06.05.2015, 03:23 PM Originally Posted by Ulytau This item is seen on decors list as an achievement reward so i searched all achievements i can see in the game but i was able to see this particular piece as a reward for any of them. Will there be an hint on how to get it? Hey Ulytau, I got some information on this from the team, and here are the details… The Voss Shrine Sculpture is incorrectly listed as coming from an achievement currently in the game. Here is the plan on where you can find it and how to get it: The Voss Shrine Sculpture will be available on the Voss Reputation…

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SWTOR Patch notes for Game update 3.3 PTS version

BioWare is aiming to get game update 3.3 on PTS tomorrow, Thursday the 4th. Below are the patch notes: Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ PTS Game Update 3.3 All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Classes + Combat Jedi Consular Sage Noble Sacrifice has been redesigned and renamed Vindicate: Vindicate restores 30 Force and heals a friendly target. The cooldown has been removed and a 2 second activation time has been added. All Sages will need to visit their class trainer to attain Vindicate. Benevolence now has a base Force cost of 65 (up from 50) and its healing has been significantly increased. Rejuvenate now has a base Force cost of 45 (up from 30) and its healing has been increased. Force Mobility now additionally allows Vindicate to be channeled while moving. Seer Deliverance now has a base Force cost…

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