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PVP Enhancements Chart

As you now, we’re all about bringing you cool SWTOR to make things easier. We love it when players and fans create some really cool charts, graphs or tools to help us all enjoy the game a little better. We found a little something that is similar to this PvP enhancement chart we brought you a little while back, also made by a SWTOR player. If you’re looking for a great list of PVP enhancement and modification stats to help you figure it all out quickly and easily. The name of the PvP Enhancement is on the left, with columns for: Endurance Power Critical Surge Accuracy Absorb Defense Shield Alacrity Expertise If you’re tired of scrolling around so much trying to figure out which stats go with which enhancement, you can use this chart to help you find out quickly. You might want to bookmark or save it to your…

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Understanding Ranked Warzones

What are ranked warzones? Ranked warzones are a new form of structured PVP ins SWTOR which offers 8-player teams the opportunity to face others in competitive, ranked matches. It’s a step up from regular, random PvP. Ranked Warzones is the new way for players to take part in PvP play; it’s BioWare’s answer to the next step in competitive PvP. It gives teams a chance to compete against each other in ranked matches. If you want to take part in Ranked Warzone matches, you’ll need to put together a team that has at least 8 players. This rule may change later but as of now, you cannot compete in these matches if you don’t have the required number of players. So it’s time to start rounding up your best PvPers in the guild or at least, your best buddies that you know you work well with. How It Works To begin, your…

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Maximizing Medals in PvP

I just wanted to share a few tips that I use in pvp to make grinding commendations and valour more efficient and making those losses not bad as they seem. I’m a vanguard tactics spec trooper so other vanguards will find this pretty helpful as well as some other advanced classes. Damage medals There are a few in this category and they come at 75k and 300k damage done plus the 2.5k single shot. The 75k should be easy for dps classes and 2.5k in a single shot isn’t unreasonable. Pick up a power up, use stim/adrenals if you’re biochem and it is an easy medal. Obviously aim for low level players and use any cooldowns together with relics for extra attack. On my right bar I have my adrenal, relic and 25% crit ability. I just activate these at the same time and I can hit upwards of 4k….

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