Cathars Coming in SWTOR Patch 2.1!

We’ve been waiting on a new race and we’ve talked about the Cathar here before. Now we finally have the news that Cathars are coming in SWTOR Patch 2.1! Bioware teased previously that the Cathar were coming but then they left us hanging and wondering. A second post filled in more of the mystery for us and now finally, we know they are coming with Patch 2.1.While they officially announced the new playable species last year, we now know that they will be coming to the game and available for purchase with Cartel Coins (no surprise there, right?) The Cathar will be unlockable via the Cartel Market for 600 coins and you can either reroll a new character or you have the option to convert an existing character to the new species. One bonus is that the unlock is account-wide and not just legacy-wide, meaning you can apply it to…

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SWTOR Facebook Tease, Cathar are Coming!

BioWare updated there Facebook page with a new image. We are not supposed to fully understand what it is yet, but it’s already obvious it’s a picture of the Carhar species.  It’s not known yet how the Carthar Species will be unlocked, but many people are speculating that it will be via quest like HK-51 got unlocked, or maybe via reputation. Pretty sure it will be available on the Cartel market at some point also. Many people are questioning why this Species is so important to the Old republic lore.  The story is that the Cathar played a very important role in ending the Mandalorian wars and are being hunted into extinction because of it. Their entire struggle is based of the plight of an old religious sect the spanish inquisition hunted to extinction. One of the most moving scenes in the entire expanded universe to me was when Revan was on their homeworld (in the kotor comic series) and…

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SWTOR-RP Interviews Damion Schubert and Charles Boyd

They guys over at got a chance to do an Exclusive Q&A with Damion Schubert and Charles Boyd. The interview  is of course about the upcoming  Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, and being a Star Wars: The old Republic Role playing community, the interview covers mostly story and RP questions. Reading through the interview Interveiw we get the feeling the developers answered  answered the questions prior to patch 1.7 as they speak about a major new system coming “sooner than you think””.  The Q&A Also get’s around Makeb and the new  Cathar race.  Below is a snippet: SWTOR-RP: Is the planet Makeb a pre-existing planet in Star Wars canon, or is this a completely new planet in lore to be uncovered by players as they travel through it for the first time? Charles Boyd: Makeb is a completely new invention of the Star Wars: The Old Republic team, and personally as a writer, I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have a chance to add something…

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