SW:TOR Graphics Evolution & Comparison

A few weeks ago, we posted the SWTOR Combat Animations Compilation created by logun24x7. It was a great video showing the graphic development in the beta stages of Star Wars: The old republic the last few years. SWTOR, has some unique challenges to overcome in the character graphics department, not only do they need to look good from a standard MMO third person perspective, they also need to stand up for the close-up cinematic cut scenes. Not a lot of MMO’s have had to face this challenge.

Now Logun have posted a new video on his youtube channel, Showing SWTOR’s graphic evolution from 2009 to 2011 with a comparison of other MMO’s and a look at their graphic approach. Hopefully this video will keep the trolls quite for a while.

More comparison screenshots:

PAX 2009 Vs. PAX 2010

World of Warcraft Vs. SWTOR

Age of Conan Vs. SWTOR

Aion Vs. SWTOR

Rift Vs. SWTOR

Guild Wars 2 Vs. SWTOR