Kaley Cuoco’s Slave Girl Leia PSA

Compelled by what is clearly a pressing issue – Slave Leia fatigue – director Zachary Levi has posted this informative PSA starring Big Bang Theory’s nerd-pin-up supreme Kaley Cuoco, advising cosplay girls of a better way. The video comes under the banner of the painfully funny team at BreakOriginals.

According to the video, with so many choices available to cosplay girls, there’s no reason everyone needs to be Slave Leia. By acting now, we can save Slave Leia for when we really need her.

Incidentally, my own cosplay is a little more off-kilter. I go as an XBox Live user who has recently encountered a girl gamer on the forums. I turn up wearing only my underwear, so when anyone asks what I’m meant to be I can say “I’ve just come in my pants.” I’m here all week.


By the way, if you’re numb-skulled like me, and it’s taking you more than thirty seconds to work it out – PSA stands for Public Service Announcement. See, these articles can be informative as well as hilarious (though sometimes neither).