Jedi Knight Vs Sith Inquisitor Video = EPIC!

The boys over at TGN.TV are hard at work making SWTOR videos pre-launch. They just released their first installment of the new “Versus” series in which Advanced Classes get compared side by side in a “Deadliest Warrior” type of format. The graphics were made from scratch by the team at Red Rancor (a fellow SWTOR Fansite) and the intro music was custom made by Music Drake. I hope that they make one of these videos for every advanced class, especially Smuggler and Imperial Agent 🙂 Let us know in the comments below what classes you want to see pitted against each other in the future episodes. Do you think that the Guardian would easily take down the Sorcerer 1v1? It is hard to tell pre-launch, but sure is fun to speculate. Enjoy the video below friends!