Republic Trooper checks in from PAX is at PAX Prime and they are updating their site with exciting first impressions from the events. First up is a great article of the Trooper class based on their hands-on experience of the game at PAX.

If you’re interested in playing a Trooper, learning more about the Trooper or just learning more about the game, then this is worth the read and then some.


“From the beginning Bioware has gone with what it has calls “stylized realism” for the overall art style of the game. While parallels can be drawn between the feel of the TOR’s graphics and that of other titles already on the market, I believe that those run more in the vein of color palette than actual art style. The game clearly has its own unique and brilliantly clean look about it.”

Oooo, this is the kind of stuff we like to hear. Don’t just tell us “it’s good”; give us details!

They go on to talk about world scope, how the game compares to many other MMOs in first impressions, the ease of play, quality of the demo build, and more. It’s exclusive and good stuff. A good summary of their impressions article is best put in their own words, “The tone and style mix very well to give TOR a distinctly unique, but very Star Wars feel.”

Check out the full story for yourself here.