Changes to the Friends of SWTOR program

swtor refer a friend speeder

Courtney Woods has some news regarding the refer a friend program. The program will stop on July 12th, and it will no longer be possible to get the current rewards. As someone who have 8 max-level characters — That speeder you received when a friend joined via your invitation, have saved me a massive amount of credits that would have otherwise been spent on speeder training.
Whatever they do to the referral program, it’s going to be hard to top what they have in place now. Here’s to hoping they nail this one! Check out the statement below:

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to clear things up about some of the changes coming to the Friends of SWTOR program.

Starting June 11th, we began our “transition time” and you are no longer able to refer friends. If you had referred a friend before June 11th, they have until July 12th to subscribe and receive the current rewards.

It is important to note that this program will be returning with the Kurtob Alliance Speeder and some new rewards. We are targeting to bring back this program in early August of this year.

Hope that helps!