Minecraft Huttball! Check it Out


Do you love Mincraft? Are you a fan of Huttbal? Now you can have the best of both worlds- sort of! Here we have Huttball maps in Minecraft, thanks to Joevahskank. This is actually really cool and I know the creator spent a lot of time on it and trying to get it right. He had this to say:

“I did more work after I posted my last album earlier, so here’s the replacement.

The first picture is of the foundation.

The second is behind the stands… hoping to get some concession stands out there.

The third through last? Well, you can see the arena’s nearly finished!”

 It’s coming along nicely and I, for one, enjoy Minecraft and will have to check this out.

Check out some more images of Huttball in Minecraft:

Lisa Clark

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