New SWToR Conquest Tracker goes online

With the recent release of the conquest system, fans have been asking Bioware for a way to track conquest scores on their browser.  This was a request that also came up during the recent Cantina Tour event two days ago. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait long. A new website titled SWToR Conquest tracker provides an alternate way of keeping track of conquest competition across all servers.


Snapshot of some of the stats the website offers runs a script  that loops through all servers, and scans the conquest window for new data. Data on the website refreshes every one hour.

Its creator admits that the site has a long way to go and a mobile website is also in work. We do think however, that it is an amazing effort and a great example of the what the SWToR community can do.

You can visit the website at and  get development updates at