The Korriban Sith Academy on Minecraft

The Korriban Sith Academy on Minecraft

Check out the Korriban Sith Academy on Minecraft by Jedimonkey38:

We have brought you these kinds of things before and we love it! As I said in a previous post, it’s a merging of two things I love – Minecraft and SWTOR – but in addition to that, I just love seeing the creativity of the gamers and fans. It’s really  great to see people

In the images you will see:

  • The Main Entrance

  • Side 1
  • Back View
  • Side 2
  • The Statues at the entrance
  • the lamp at the entrance
  • the entryway
  • The Imperial Guards bow before you
  • The Obelisk
  • The Main Area
  • Tukata Pens
  • The Jedi Prisoner
  • A View of the Corridor
  • The Interrogation Center
  • Torture Devices
  • The Cages for 3 lucky prisoners
  • Cantina
  • Lower Level Dorms
  • Table
  • Entrance to Blood Trial
  • Thats Alot of Blood
  • The Skulls
  • The Library
  • Another View
  • One of the Offices
  • Upper Level Table
  • Upper Level Dorms
  • Upper Office
  • Armory
  • Elevator to 3rd Level
  • Darth Zhorrid’s Office
  • Shuttle Hangar
  • Another View
  • The Dark Council Chamber
  • Another View of the Council
  • Theres more to see
  • The 4th Floor
  • The Emperors Throne Room
  • The Courtyard
  • A birds Eye View of the Courtyard, 2 dueling areas and a meditation room
  • Heres a Behind the Scenes Look at the Area

You can scroll through all the images in the album yourself, see details and more. The creator also says he might have some more projects like this coming up soon. We definitely want to keep an eye out and Jedimonkey, if you’re reading this, shoot me a message about your next project. We want to showcase it here to our readers.

Lisa Clark

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