Gamefront is Shutting Down! Help Save the Star Wars: Battlefront Mods!

Tragedy has struck the Star Wars: Battlefront community. Gamefront, a site that hosts mods and other media/software for a wide variety of games, has announced that their site will be shut down completely on April 30th, 2016. As a result, all files uploaded to the site will no longer be accessible. This site is the largest source of mods for SWBF1 and 2, and for all of those mods to vanish would be a tremendous loss. Fortunately, there are multiple resources to find these mods outside of Gamefront, however we cannot be sure that every file on the site is available elsewhere. So we’re calling on the community to help us ensure that the entire collection is preserved. We need volunteers to download mods from Gamefront and reupload them to ModDB.

Keep in mind that you’re gonna need good internet speed (>30Mbps both up and down) and plenty of local storage space to be able to perform these tasks efficiently. Your computer should also be 100% virus/malware free.

A group of Gamefront volunteers is working here to resurrect the community, and also to download ALL of the files. We’re not having much luck. If anyone thinks they can help out, please come pay a visit or let me know. We’re looking at scripting the download right now but it’s not looking promising. Anyone who can help download files or help us do it programmatically would be a huge help to the entire community and all of the other games that rely on Gamefront for mods and even critical patches.