SWTOR: Game Update 5.5a

Here are the patch notes for game update 5.5a:


  • Corrected various typos in the United Forces Achievements.
  • The Command Experience (CXP) rewarded for the following planetary [Weekly] Missions have been greatly increased:
    • Iokath now rewards 10,000 CXP
    • Oricon now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • Makeb now rewards 8,000 CXP
    • Yavin 4 now rewards 9,000 CXP
    • Black Hole now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • Section X now rewards 6,750 CXP
    • CZ-198 now rewards 5,625 CXP
    • Ziost now rewards 5,625 CXP
  • The Conquest reset now happens six hours later than it did previously, the new reset time is 6PM (1800) UTC.