Is BioWare on a Steady Decline

BioWare Confirms Layoffs as Star Wars: The Old Republic Shifts to New Studio, Promises Bright Future

BioWare has confirmed that a number of team members will lose their jobs following the decision to shift the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic to a third-party studio, Broadsword Online Games. Gary McKay, the general manager of BioWare, communicated this in a post on the BioWare website, acknowledging that this was the toughest part of the transition and ensuring that affected employees will be supported and given opportunities to find new roles within EA​.

This move comes as part of a larger strategy by BioWare to concentrate resources on the development of new Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles. The transition is seen as necessary to allow BioWare to focus on these key franchises, with teams primarily based in Austin and Edmonton continuing their work on creating immersive, emotionally charged single-player games​​.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a free-to-play MMO, has enjoyed significant success since its launch almost 12 years ago. It stands as the longest-running live service Star Wars game, welcoming new players to its vast galaxy while continuously entertaining veteran players with evolving content. Despite the team changes, the future of the game appears promising, with new features and improvements planned for the coming years​​.

The transition to Broadsword Online Games, a studio known for its expertise in managing online games, is seen as a positive step. Broadsword’s Founder and President, Rob Denton, brings direct experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic, having previously led the team during the game’s development and launch at EA. This move is expected to give the game the room to grow and flourish, with the full support of Lucasfilm Games and the continued partnership with EA​​.

The current development team will largely accompany the game in its transition to Broadsword. Those who will be moving over include key team leaders and most of the current team. They will be working tirelessly to support “every player, every day,” ensuring the game’s worlds and communities continue to thrive and grow​.

Even amidst the changes, the Star Wars: The Old Republic team has continued to deliver significant updates, including the recent Game Update 7.3, Old Wounds. This update takes players back to the planet Voss, not visited since the KOTET expansion in 2016. Plans for Game Update 7.3.1 and Game Update 7.4 are already in motion, promising new content and continuation of the story introduced in Old Wounds​​.

BioWare has expressed confidence in this transition, believing it to be the best decision for the game and its community. The studio is excited about the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic and promises that once the team is firmly planted at Broadsword, they will share plans for game direction and improvements. Despite the challenges associated with the transition, the team is excited about the future of the game and looks forward to seeing their vision become a reality alongside their players and fans​.

Via BioWare blog