Star Wars Celebration Japan

Star Wars Celebration Japan: Ticket Sales and Event Details Unveiled

Star Wars Celebration, the ultimate gathering for fans of the galaxy far, far away, is set to make a historic return to Japan for the first time since 2008. Scheduled to take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from April 18–20, 2025, this event promises to be a monumental celebration of all things Star Wars. With the event still over a year away, organizers have begun releasing crucial details about ticket sales, ensuring fans worldwide can start planning their pilgrimage to this epic convention.

Ticket Sale Information

The anticipation for Star Wars Celebration Japan has been building, and fans are eager to secure their spot at the event. Tickets are set to go on sale on Thursday, May 2, at 7:00 PM EST (U.S. Time) and Friday, May 3, at 8:00 AM JST (Japan Time), offering fans the first opportunity to purchase passes for this highly anticipated event. Additionally, travel packages will be available, catering to the needs of non-local fans planning to attend from across the globe.

A Celebration of the Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Celebration Japan will offer attendees an immersive experience into the Star Wars universe, featuring announcements about new movies, television series, books, art, and comics. The event will also pay tribute to the vast history of the Star Wars galaxy, encompassing everything from the original trilogy to the latest additions to the saga. Over three days, fans can expect a packed schedule of immersive exhibits, interactive floor shows, screenings, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, panels, autograph sessions, fan-inspired activities, costumes, and other Star Wars surprises.

Artwork and Teaser Trailer

In anticipation of the event, Lucasfilm Ltd. and ReedPop have shared the key art for Star Wars Celebration Japan, inspired by the traditional Japanese ink painting style known as sumi-e. The 2025 key art beautifully combines the menacing presence of Darth Vader with cherry blossoms and sweeping ink strokes, featuring X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and Imperial AT-ATs against the backdrop of the Rising Sun—Mount Fuji contained within. This spectacular piece sets the tone for what promises to be an unforgettable celebration.

A teaser trailer for Star Wars Celebration Japan has also been released, further heightening the excitement for what’s to come.

Join the Celebration

Star Wars Celebration Japan is not just an event; it’s a testament to the enduring love and passion of the Star Wars community. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the saga, this celebration offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars, connect with fellow fans, and experience the magic of the galaxy far, far away.