Navigating the Underworld: 'Star Wars Outlaws' Sets the Stage for Galactic Misadventures

Star Wars Outlaws: How Reputation Systems Influence Gameplay, Not Plot

In the upcoming game Star Wars Outlaws, the reputation system plays a crucial role in defining the gameplay experience without altering the core storyline. Senior narrative systems designer Alice Rendell from Ubisoft recently shared insights with Game Informer about how this system intricately molds the game world around protagonist Kay Vess while keeping the narrative trajectory intact.

Core Story vs. Gameplay Dynamics

According to Rendell, the primary narrative of Kay Vess will follow predetermined main beats, asserting that “Kay’s story is Kay’s story.” This structure ensures that while players can expect a consistent storyline, their actions will significantly impact how they navigate and interact within the game’s universe.

Reputation’s Role in the Game

The reputation system in Star Wars Outlaws is meticulously designed to influence more than just story outcomes—it shapes the gameplay environment itself. Players’ standings with various factions determine their interaction within the game world. For example, a negative reputation with the Pikes could complicate missions involving them, making tasks like stealing more challenging and fraught with hostility.

Transactional Nature of the Underworld

Rendell emphasizes the transactional nature of the underworld, explaining that reputations are fluid and can change based on players’ actions. This dynamic reflects the temporary and often precarious alliances typical of the Star Wars underworld. Whether forging or breaking ties, each decision impacts the player’s journey and the options available to them.

Practical Effects of Reputation

The effects of reputation manifest in various practical ways throughout Star Wars Outlaws. These can range from the ease of navigating certain territories, variations in pricing from vendors depending on their perception of the player, and even influencing which paths players might choose at critical story junctures.

Game Structure and Expectations

Star Wars Outlaws is set in a tightly controlled narrative timeframe, occurring between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Given the linear nature of the story expected in such a canonical setting, the reputation system provides a layer of depth and variability in gameplay that enriches the player’s experience without diverging from the established storyline.


While the story of Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws is set, the journey through it will vary widely based on player actions and their consequent reputations. This design choice by Ubisoft not only adds a layer of strategic depth but also enhances replayability, encouraging players to experiment with different approaches to see how the world around them changes. As anticipation builds, further details are expected to be revealed this summer, promising more insights into how Kay Vess’s adventures will unfold in this intriguing segment of the Star Wars universe.

Novara Skuara

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