Creative Assembly is reportedly working on a Total War: Star Wars game, blending iconic RTS gameplay with the expansive Star Wars universe.

Total War: Star Wars Reportedly in Development at Creative Assembly

Exciting news has surfaced for both strategy game enthusiasts and Star Wars fans: Creative Assembly, the renowned developer behind the popular Total War series, is reportedly working on a new title set in the Star Wars universe. This development promises to blend the intricate, large-scale strategy elements that the Total War series is known for with the beloved characters and lore of Star Wars.

Background of Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly has a rich history of developing critically acclaimed real-time strategy (RTS) games. Founded in 1987, the studio gained widespread recognition with the Total War series, which launched its first game, “Shogun: Total War,” in 2000. The series has since grown to include numerous historical settings, from ancient Rome to medieval Europe and feudal Japan, earning a dedicated fan base and numerous awards.

Transition to a Major IP

The move to develop a Star Wars-themed Total War game comes after Creative Assembly’s pivot back to its strengths following the cancellation of “Hyenas,” an online first-person shooter that was shelved due to concerns over its long-term viability​ (​​ (TwistedVoxel)​. This shift marks a return to the studio’s roots in RTS, where it has consistently delivered high-quality gaming experiences.

Total War: Star Wars – What to Expect

While details remain scarce, the potential for a Total War: Star Wars game is immense. Fans can expect the core elements of the Total War series—large-scale battles, complex strategy, and resource management—adapted to the Star Wars universe. This could mean commanding armies of Stormtroopers, Rebel fighters, and possibly even iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker on the battlefield.

Game Features and Gameplay

  1. Large-Scale Battles: One of the hallmarks of the Total War series is its epic battles featuring thousands of units on the field. Imagine orchestrating massive conflicts between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, with strategic deployments of AT-AT walkers, TIE fighters, and X-Wings.
  2. Strategic Depth: Total War games are known for their deep strategy mechanics, including diplomacy, espionage, and resource management. A Star Wars setting could introduce unique strategic elements, such as managing intergalactic trade routes or forging alliances with different Star Wars factions.
  3. Diverse Factions: The Star Wars universe offers a wealth of factions to play as or against. From the Empire and Rebels to the Separatists and the Republic, each faction could bring unique units, leaders, and abilities to the game.
  4. Iconic Characters: Integrating key Star Wars characters into the game as special units or leaders could add an extra layer of excitement. Players might have the chance to command squads led by characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia, or even Sith Lords like Darth Maul.

Development Challenges and Anticipations

Developing a game that merges the intricate mechanics of Total War with the expansive lore of Star Wars will undoubtedly be a complex task. However, Creative Assembly’s track record suggests that they are more than capable of rising to the challenge. Fans will be eagerly awaiting more details and official announcements in the coming months.


The prospect of a Total War: Star Wars game is thrilling for both strategy game aficionados and Star Wars devotees. With Creative Assembly at the helm, this project holds the potential to deliver a uniquely immersive and strategic experience set in one of the most beloved sci-fi universes. As we await further news, the excitement and anticipation for this game will undoubtedly continue to build.


Is Creative Assembly confirmed to be developing a Total War: Star Wars game? While there has been no official confirmation, multiple reports suggest that Creative Assembly is working on a Star Wars-themed RTS game.

What is Creative Assembly known for? Creative Assembly is best known for developing the Total War series, a critically acclaimed franchise of real-time strategy games.

What can we expect from a Total War: Star Wars game? Players can expect large-scale battles, complex strategy mechanics, and the inclusion of iconic Star Wars factions and characters.

When will Total War: Star Wars be released? As of now, there is no official release date for the game. More details are expected to be announced in the future.

Will the game include characters from the Star Wars movies? It is likely that the game will feature key characters from the Star Wars franchise, adding an extra layer of depth and excitement to the gameplay.

What platforms will Total War: Star Wars be available on? Details on the platforms have not been disclosed yet, but it is expected to be available on major gaming platforms, including PC.

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