The Ultimate Guide to Cortosis: The Star Wars Material That Defies Lightsabers

The Ultimate Guide to Cortosis: The Star Wars Material That Defies Lightsabers

Welcome, Star Wars enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered about the mysterious material that can short out a lightsaber with just a touch? Enter the world of cortosis, a rare and fascinating mineral from the Star Wars universe. In this article, we’ll dive deep into its properties, history, and uses. So, grab your favorite Star Wars mug, and let’s explore the galaxy of cortosis!

The Ultimate Guide to Cortosis: The Star Wars Material That Defies Lightsabers

What is Cortosis?

Cortosis is a rare and highly coveted material in the Star Wars universe, known for its exceptional energy-absorption properties. This unique mineral can short out lightsabers on contact and dissipate blaster bolts, making it an invaluable asset in combat against Force users. But cortosis is not without its challenges. It’s brittle and fragile until refined, and mining it can be a hazardous endeavor.

The Ultimate Guide to Cortosis: The Star Wars Material That Defies Lightsabers

The Properties of Cortosis

High Energy Absorption

Cortosis has a very high energy absorption rate, which allows it to dissipate the energy of blaster bolts and short out lightsabers. When a lightsaber strikes cortosis, the blade is temporarily deactivated, giving the wielder a crucial advantage.

Fragility and Refinement

In its raw form, cortosis is incredibly brittle and fragile, making it impractical for use in armor or weapons. However, once refined, it becomes much more durable and can be integrated into various technologies and equipment.

Resistance to Prolonged Attacks

While cortosis can handle brief, high-energy impacts, prolonged energy attacks, such as those from lightning guns, can overload the material. This limitation is crucial to consider when using cortosis in prolonged combat scenarios.

The Ultimate Guide to Cortosis: The Star Wars Material That Defies Lightsabers

History of Cortosis

The Era of the Sith

During the Era of the Sith, the Ascendant created the Null Blade, a weapon forged with a cortosis alloy. This blade could temporarily short out lightsabers, providing a significant tactical advantage. Unfortunately, the blade was not reinforced and could still be cut by a lightsaber, leading to the Ascendant’s downfall at the hands of the Sith.

The High Republic Era

In the High Republic Era, a Sith known as “the Stranger” used cortosis gear, including a gauntlet and helmet, to great effect against Jedi. The cortosis equipment could short out lightsabers, giving the Stranger a considerable edge in combat.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, the Grysks used cortosis for energy management and shared their knowledge with Count Dooku. This led to the creation of cortosis armor for B2-series super battle droids and clone troopers. However, Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and the Chiss Mitth’raw’nuruodo managed to sabotage these efforts, preventing the widespread use of cortosis armor.

The Imperial Era

In the Imperial Era, the Tagge Corporation developed the Tagge protoblade, a plasma weapon with a cortosis core. This weapon could short out lightsabers but remained effective as a melee weapon even without its plasma functionality. Additionally, the cyborg Count Denetrius Vidian had a cortosis mesh skin graft, which allowed him to absorb blaster fire and redirect it into his enemies.

A cortosis mine located on the planet Dinzo.

Uses of Cortosis


Cortosis is primarily used to create weapons designed to counter lightsabers. These include blades, gauntlets, and other melee weapons that can temporarily disable lightsabers upon contact. The material’s ability to absorb and dissipate energy makes it ideal for this purpose.


Although raw cortosis is too brittle for practical use, refined cortosis can be integrated into armor, providing resistance to both blaster fire and lightsaber strikes. This makes cortosis armor highly valuable for anyone facing Force users in combat.

Technological Applications

Beyond weapons and armor, cortosis has been used in various technological applications. For instance, the cortosis mesh skin graft used by Count Denetrius Vidian demonstrates the material’s versatility in augmenting biological and mechanical systems.

Notable Appearances in Star Wars Media

A New Dawn

Cortosis made its first appearance in the new Star Wars canon in the novel “A New Dawn” by John Jackson Miller. This novel reintroduced cortosis to the Star Wars universe, highlighting its unique properties and uses.

Star Wars Legends

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, cortosis first appeared in the novel “I, Jedi” by Michael A. Stackpole. Over the years, it has been featured in numerous other books, comics, and games, solidifying its place in Star Wars lore.

The cortosis Null Blade is used against Darth Vader's lightsaber


What makes cortosis so special? Cortosis is special because of its unique ability to absorb and dissipate energy, allowing it to short out lightsabers and deflect blaster bolts. This makes it an invaluable material for anyone facing Force users in combat.

Can cortosis be used in all types of weapons and armor? While cortosis can be used in various weapons and armor, its brittleness in raw form requires it to be refined for practical use. Once refined, it can be integrated into a wide range of equipment, from melee weapons to defensive gear.

Where is cortosis found in the Star Wars universe? Cortosis is found on several planets, including Dinzo and Mokivj. Mining and refining cortosis is a hazardous and expensive process, contributing to its rarity and value.

How effective is cortosis against prolonged energy attacks? Cortosis is highly effective against brief, high-energy impacts, such as lightsaber strikes and blaster bolts. However, prolonged energy attacks, like those from lightning guns, can overload the material and reduce its effectiveness.


Cortosis is a fascinating and unique material in the Star Wars universe, offering significant advantages in combat against Force users. Its ability to short out lightsabers and absorb blaster fire makes it an invaluable asset, despite the challenges associated with mining and refining it. Whether you’re a Jedi, Sith, or just a Star Wars enthusiast, understanding cortosis adds a new layer of depth to the rich tapestry of the galaxy far, far away. So, next time you dive into a Star Wars adventure, keep an eye out for this extraordinary material that continues to captivate fans and characters alike.