Lucasfilm Gears Up for a New Animated Star Wars Series

Lucasfilm Gears Up for a New Animated Star Wars Series

A new adventure is on the horizon in a galaxy far, far away. Lucasfilm has officially announced the development of a new animated Star Wars series. While details are scarce, the excitement is palpable among fans. Let’s dive into what we know so far and speculate on the thrilling possibilities this series might bring.

The New Series: What We Know

Official Announcement

Lucasfilm Animation is gearing up for a new project, as evidenced by job postings such as a Shot Production Coordinator. This indicates that the series is in its early stages, but the gears are clearly in motion.

Potential Release and Development Timeline

While an official release date has not been set, the active hiring and development efforts suggest that Lucasfilm is committed to bringing this new series to life sooner rather than later.

Speculated Storylines and Characters

Exploring New Eras

With the introduction of the High Republic era through other Star Wars media, this period is ripe for exploration. Fans can imagine animated tales of Jedi facing off against mysterious foes like the Drengir or the Nameless.

Beloved Characters Return?

There’s always a possibility that familiar faces could return. Characters like Captain Rex and Echo, or even Asajj Ventress, could make appearances, continuing their adventures and delighting long-time fans.

Impact on the Star Wars Franchise

Continuing the Legacy

Star Wars animation has always been a crucial part of the franchise, from “The Clone Wars” to “The Bad Batch.” This new series will likely continue this legacy, offering rich storytelling and visually stunning animation that captures the essence of the Star Wars universe.

Expanding the Universe

This new series presents an opportunity to expand the Star Wars universe further, introducing new characters, planets, and stories that will resonate with both new and old fans.

Challenges Ahead

Industry Strikes

The animation industry faces potential challenges, such as the upcoming expiration of The Animation Guild’s contract. A strike could impact the production timeline of the new series, but Lucasfilm’s commitment to quality storytelling will likely navigate these challenges effectively.

Maintaining Quality

With high expectations set by previous animated series, maintaining the quality and integrity of the Star Wars brand will be paramount. Fans are eager for new content, but they also expect it to uphold the standards set by its predecessors.

Star Wars characters with lightsabers in action pose


What is the new Star Wars animated series about? While details are still under wraps, speculation points to various possible timelines and characters within the Star Wars universe, potentially exploring the High Republic era or continuing stories of beloved characters.

When will the new series be released? There is no official release date yet, as the series is currently in its early development stages.

Will any characters from previous series return? While unconfirmed, there is hope among fans that characters like Captain Rex, Echo, and Asajj Ventress could return.


The announcement of a new animated Star Wars series by Lucasfilm has fans buzzing with excitement. With endless possibilities for storylines and characters, this new addition promises to continue the legacy of exceptional animated storytelling in the Star Wars universe. As we await more details, one thing is certain: the Force is strong with this one.

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to explore new adventures in a galaxy far, far away!

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