PAX Prime 2011

SWTOR Facebook’s Official PAX Prime pictures

The official PAX Prime 2011 pictures are up on SWTOR’s Facebook wall and we were excited to see them. I didn’t get to go but I would have loved to have been there in person. I could have crashed with my sister who lives in the area. Are you in any of the pictures? Make sure to drop us a line and let us know if you were there and see your mug in there somewhere! The pictures are a lot of fun for those of us who were not there. We see the Imperial Guard on duty, nerdy gamers doing what we do best (wish I was there playing a demo), cosplayers, observers, storm troopers, Stephen Reid, David Bass and other BioWare staff, and more. The comments on some of them are as fun as the pics yourself so if you have yet to check them out, head on…

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Friday Update: Smuggler Progression, PAX Highlights, & Developer Blog

BioWare was late with the updates yesterday. witch means us Europeans don’t get to see it before the day after, but it was worth waiting for. This weeks update comes fully loaded with the Smuggler Progression Video, Pax Highlight, and a Developer Blog from senior writer Alexander Freed. The developer blog gives us a good look at what goes into creating relevant stories and characters for the game and comics/novels alike. There’s also a few good tips in there for anyone looking to take a shot at creating their own story in the Old Republic universe. Here is a snip: “The first thing that any potential tie-in to Star Wars™ and The Old Republic should do is answer a series of questions: What does this story contribute to mythology of The Old Republic? What does a reader get from this story that changes the way he or she experiences the…

Read More interview with Gabe Amantangelo and James Ohlen

During last weekend’s PAX, Managing Editor Bill Murphy managed to corner Bioware’s James Ohlen and Gabe Amantangelo to talk about PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The interview covered a wide range of interesting topics and brought us a few tidbits of info we didn’t already have. The interview is a good one and is listed in its entirety on their website.  Here’s what James had to say in general about PVP in TOR.  James Ohlen: But all the really cool stuff we’ll show off at the panel and into the next few weeks too. I think people will be really pleased with world PVP in TOR. The interview talks about Warzones and what we as players can expect to see when the game is released and another great question they ask, “Warzones are the more structured form of PVP, so will you guys be doing anything with…

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Landophiles Unite! Join The Fight For Justice

Photo by Deirdre Hollis from Torwars This year’s PAX (that’s the Penny Arcade Expo for the uninitiated) was overrun by a gaggle of devotees, hell-bent on highlighting a cause that they feel warrants world-wide, if not galaxy-wide coverage. These people, who are traditionally seen wearing blue capes and moustaches march under the banner of The Lando Society, and expouse better living by the teachings of Lando Calrissian, the coolest cat in the entire Star Wars universe. At PAX their devotion reared its head in a different way to usual, with the Society uniting to march on the Expo in order to protest that their hero – their swarthy, moustachioed messiah – has been cruelly left out of the SWTOR character list. Okay, so that’s not the whole truth, because Lando wasn’t born until 3500 years after the time of STWOR’s setting, but you can’t fault their commitment as they’re pushing to…

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PAX Prime 2011: SWTOR panel

I know we are late with this story, but it has been hard finding decent footage of the SWTOR Panel from Sunday. Luckily Dustin from Guild Vendetta got a recording from the panel were it actually possible to understand what is been said. As we all know lot’s of new interesting stuff was revealed, like the Beta weekend and open battlefields. Thanks to Dustin for sending this over. Check it out below:

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Republic Trooper checks in from PAX is at PAX Prime and they are updating their site with exciting first impressions from the events. First up is a great article of the Trooper class based on their hands-on experience of the game at PAX. If you’re interested in playing a Trooper, learning more about the Trooper or just learning more about the game, then this is worth the read and then some. Highlights: “From the beginning Bioware has gone with what it has calls “stylized realism” for the overall art style of the game. While parallels can be drawn between the feel of the TOR’s graphics and that of other titles already on the market, I believe that those run more in the vein of color palette than actual art style. The game clearly has its own unique and brilliantly clean look about it.” Oooo, this is the kind of stuff we like to hear. Don’t…

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PAX Prime 2011: Open World PvP Announced

Another big announcement from the BioWare Sunday panel at PAX was Open World PvP on the ice planet Ilum featuring a war torn battlefield where players take down turrets to invade the enemy base. While is has been mention before that there would be some kind of open world PvP, it’s the first time it was addressed by BioWare officially. Here is a rundown: Open world pvp: Ilum first. Objectives, bases to capture. Players can take over turrets Side that gets control will get Valor and other things. Ask A Jedi uploaded a video of the big reveal:

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