Star Wars Battlefront 3

Gameplay video from the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3

Here is a pretty nifty look at the cancelled Battlefront 3’s first campaign mission. The video was uploaded by Youtube User FuZaH who has the following to say about it: Yup, I had some more tucked away. (I seriously apologise for the earrape level of the audio. The footage must’ve been captured like that. I’ve ran it through Premiere to limit the peaks but its still pretty bad. RIP headphone users.) Also; this is alpha footage from early November. I’d assume a few of the bugs in this were worked out in their last build. If any ex-Free Radical/LucasArts developers see this video, and have a build, I would be very appreciative if you contacted me. I’d like to discuss a few things with you. Also, EA, to make up for the disappointment that is “EAFront”, could you just finish this game and release it as Battlefront: Legacy? If you don’t want…

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Galaxy in Turmoil Terminated, No Battlefront 3 Successor for Now

If you haven’t yet heard about Galaxy in Turmoil: it used to be the shall we say proposed successor of Free Radical’s abandoned Star Wars: Battlefront 3, pampered and brought up by FPS Frontwire Studios. Indeed, for a short while there, it looked like the fan-made revival of the popular title was actually viable. Back in June, Frontwire announced that they had secured the green light from Valve to share the game for free through Steam. Things have taken a very sudden southward turn though a couple of days ago, when a blog-post surfaced from Frontwire, effectively announcing the termination of the project. LucasFilm had apparently issued a cease and desist order regarding Galaxy in Turmoil back in June. Having committed resources, time and dedication, Frontwire didn’t throw in the towel straight away though. They tried to set up a meeting with LucasFilm, which they surprisingly got. As it turned…

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DICE Stockholm Continues Development on Star Wars Battlefront

We have some good news regarding Star Wars Battlefront 3! The latest news on the release date is positive and after the past few quiet months, this is an exciting turn for the game. DICE developers have been deep in it working n BF4 issues and bugs but after the LA and Stockholm studios came together to get it all under control, we might see them focusing their efforts back on Star Wars Battlefront 3. The worst seems to be over and staff are back to working on the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 release date, which is expected sometime in 2015. Sounds like they may be intentionally planning it around the same time the new Star Wars movies will start coming out. iDigital Times tells us more: The news about DICE Stockholm’s renewed focus on Star Wars: Battlefront 3came by way of Reddit. During a discussion on Battlefield 4 DLC, a DICE rep told fans that the…

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