Star Wars The Old Republic GamesCom 2009 Interview with Lead Writer Daniel Erickson

The below tekst is a direct translation from German to English – done by google translate. So sorry about the bad gramma, I still hope you get the main points.

Lead writer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Daniel Erickson, answers a few questions. In this interview he actually have some interesting information to share with us, like Whether healer class, Companion Characters, Sith-Warrior, fractions, German servers, etc.

One can not stress that BioWare employees are all super friendly and Daniel Erickson has no problem to agree to our questions to answer and not just the standard answers. So now we know for example that is not yet determined whether there is a healer class or not, since it is still hard-tested, and in any case some of the Companion Characters can heal. In this context, however, is actually much more interesting that we have clearly confirmed that the crew not to be constant concern. If you want, you can also completely without a companion play, which is just for role players, some good news might be. After all, it is in some cases not very credible, if any crew member always stands next to it.

Daniel has also revealed that there are many in the game will take place. What exactly has he not yet say. And there was a clear statement: It is for example as smugglers are not able to switch to Empire, Group exchange are excluded. But of course that is not everything, we have also asked for German servers, the specificities of the Sith Warriors learn and also a small reference to get to whether the name Sith warrior pointed out that there are several Sithklassen will. Moreover, we know now Daniels favorite class.

Have fun with the video and the many small but very interesting information: