While we wait for The Old Republic: I.M.P.S – The Relentless: Chapter 2

At long last, we have Chapter Two! And, as many others have commented, it was WELL worth the wait. Once more, Blacksheep has reminded us why they are considered Legends in the Fan Film universe, so much so that no one was ever truly willing to give ’em hell over the time between productions, for in the end their brilliance would shine through.

And so it has.

On behalf of Star Wars fans across the globe as well as Imperial Loyalists, I salute and thank you, sirs. Here’s to Chapter Three on the distant horizon!

P.S. Anychance you guys would be willing to put in some face, or rather voice, time with Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at the Force-Cast? It would be awesome to get some verbal behind the scenes info as well as plans for the future.

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