Gamespot Interview with Daniel Erickson – GamesCom 2010

As we continue our coverage of GamesCom 2010, Giancarlo Varanini from Gamespot interviewed Daniel Erickson about space combat and the advanced classes. Lot’s of new tidbits were revealed including:

  • Space combat may not be entirely optional
  • There will be access to rewards and other things through space combat
  • Advanced classes are “total class systems” not just little offshoots
  • Described advanced classes as very much “works in progress” (no word if that means the names as well)
  • Companions will factor in a big way into your class built
  • Companions may be assigned their abilities by “kits” you give them – for example, any companion can be a healer with the right kit
  • Daniel remarks that the Force is not magic, which makes the choice of the name Wizard for one of the Jedi Consular advanced classes all the more curious