Star Wars Rarities: John Williams Conducts for ‘Star Wars’ Ballet

When it comes to things that don’t seem to go together, Star Wars and ballet would be pretty high up on my list. Sure, Lightsaber duels have a certain choreography to them, but full on ballet?

That’s what viewers are treated to in this old clip featuring performers Galina and Valeri Panov dancing an elaborate tribute to Star Wars accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra — conducted by none other than John Williams. I’m not sure when this event happened, exactly, but you know it was in the distant past because once the segment ends they toss it to George Burns.

I’m no expert on ballet, but this was impressive. And while I still don’t really see the connection between the adventures of Luke Skywalker and this performance (they’re not even dressed like Star Wars characters), you do have to admire the athleticism on display.