Holiday Sale on KOTOR

Hey Star Wars Fans, do I got great news for you. is selling Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for 4.99 that’s 50% off.  That is a great deal for all of you that spent 20 to 30 dollars on the X-Box version recently or if you had to spend 40 bucks on the Star Wars Pak.  Except for the pak there is no hard copy of KOTOR for the PC anymore but I’m assuming it’s a holiday special price. ( It’s on Amazon though)

I never really played the PC Version but I hear with the DC you get to were your old robes, probably not the best fighting wear but it is still awesome to run around the Jedi Academy looking like Darth Revan.

I love the KOTOR games always making difficult decisions on what to slay next, well unless you liked being on the light side, than good for you.