Star Wars/Rebecca Black Parody “Primeday”

You have to admire when inter-net creatives like those behind the TeddieFilms YouTube channel apply their obviously considerable talents to parodying one of the worst songs ever to come out of a human mouth, especially when the result has the kind of impressive production values visible in the video below. And add to that the fact that they have turned their attentions to melding Rebecca Black’s horrendous, ear-bleed-inducing “pop song” with the Star Wars universe, and you have yourself a recipe for much mirth.
I’d even suggest that the dude playing Leia has more charisma than Black does in her original version…

Seriously, while the original song needs to be exterminated immediately, this spoof is actually pretty damn hilarious- and the lyrics arguably make more sense than Rebecca Black’s obviously chimp-on-a-typewriter version as well (they’re helpfully listed on the video’s Youtube page if you want to sing along).

Seeing Boba Fett and Darth Vader, suited and booted rapping their section and then ingeniously riffing on the Pulp Fiction “Royale With Cheese” sequence is worth clicking on the video alone.