The Guild Sphere Returns

I am very proud to announce the return of the guild sphere, a weekly column featuring some of the more prominent guilds for Star Wars: The old Republic. With so many new guilds popping up on the forums I felt it would be good to showcase some of the guilds for those that haven’t found their perfect guild yet, or are looking for some guilds to ally with.

Some guidelines though, please be sure your guild is at least 4 months old, no Vapor guilds please. Please be sure to include a link to your guilds website if you have one and/or your guilds page on the SW TOR forums, as well as your guilds current thread. Please send info to with Guild Sphere in the subject line.
A little about myself, started getting serious into gaming shortly after joining the military, since then competed and won a few tournaments for FPS games, got into MMO’s as a cheap way to keep in touch with my wife while I was overseas. Been a member of some hardcore raiding and PvP guilds on WoW and Star Wars Galaxies, Post NGE and yes I actually enjoyed the NGE so there.

Thank you and hope to be hearing from you all soon.