Gear swapping in mid-combat? – No Says Georg Zoeller

While many MMOs have gear-swapping or weapon-swapping in combat, Georg Zoeller says that SWTOR will not.
This has some fans unhappy but Zoeller explains the reasoning behind it:

“Switching weapons to maximize stats is not the kind of gameplay we want to encourage. It’s tedious and not fun for the overwhelming majority of players, and since some players would feel compelled to engage in the behavior if it offered a benefit, regardless how tedious and unfun it was, we just disallow it, period.”

Some are worried about what would happen if say, you were caught in combat without a weapon. Zoeller answers this as well:

“It’s pretty much impossible to not have a weapon equipped. You’d have to work for that. Sure, you can unequip a weapon and not equip a new one, but there’s no compelling reason to do so .. even less outside in the wilderness where you’re likely to get jumped.”

And if you find a new weapon, you do not have to un-equip your current weapon to put on the new one, thus never leaving you without a weapon. All you have to do is swap them out.
User Bomyne asks, “What if I equipped a gray by mistake, and get jumped so I can’t equip a proper weapon?”
Zoeller gives him the cold, hard truth that 

“Then you will pay for your mistake by fighting one combat with said gray weapon, simple as that.”

So there you have it; the team seems to have a pretty stern stance on this and there will be no gear or weapon-swapping in combat in SWTOR.

What do you think- happy or upset about the news?