TGL Interview: The Doctors from BioWare Talk The Old Republic

The Gaming Liberty did an interview with the Doctors from BioWare about Star Wars: The Old Republic and if there was still anyone left who doesn’t know what SWTOR is, the news is surely getting around more than ever before. They sat down with the founders of BioWare in the newly established BioWare centre in Galway to talk everything from the economy to what fans can expect from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Since they shared the interview on their website, people from all over the world can read it and experience it for themselves.

TGL talked to the BioWare doctors, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about things like what brought them to Ireland for their new facility, job creation and the economy, aspirations for the Galway facility, SWTOR and how it relates to the Star Wars movies, books and more.

They talk Dark Horse comics a bit and the deep history of Star Wars. The doctors also discussed feedback and how important it is to BioWare as a company when it comes to creating quality games that the user can get the most benefit from.

They also ask them the big question lots of people have been asking: what made them turn to the MMO scene. They also have an hands-on experience that they’ve covered there as well. Thank you TGL for sharing!

It’s a long, in-depth and interesting interview if you haven’t read it already. Since a lot of SWTOR info comes out of the US and UK, it’s good to see coverage from a different area to get a bigger picture.

Lisa Clark

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