EUCantina Interviews Drew Karpyshyn

The guys over at EU Cantina had the chance to sit down and interview Drew Karpyshyn. The interview is mainly about his new book Annihilation, but Drew Karpyshyn also answers questions regarding Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil.  Unfortunately the interview don’t touch his work on Star Wars: The old republic, But Mr. Karpyshyn love to see it make the jump to TV or the big screen someday.

EUC: Aside from The Tales of the Jedi  and Knight Errant, most of The Old Republic novels and comics tie directly into video games. As you peer into the future, where does The Old Republic era go from here?

DK: I think the Old Republic era is going to continue to grow. It’s proven quite popular with the fans, and it still has so much untapped potential for authors and other creative types to explore. In addition to more games, books and graphic novels, I’d love to see it make the jump to TV or the big screen someday. I believe that as more and more fans learn about the Old Republic, you’ll see more and more fans eager to experience it in as many ways as possible.

The official Star Wars: Youtube Channel Also have an interview with Drew Karpyshyn were he talks about the deeper understanding of the ‘dark side’ he gained from writing books that predate the movies: