Swtor-mined: 2.6 PTS Patch | 1/21/13

SWTOR-miner have been playing around with game update 2.6 witch is currently being test on the public tests servers. There’s a bug with some of the ship component listings, but there’s some good stuff in there. One of them looks like being a Manaan flashpoint!

Looks like the NovaDive/S-12 Blackbolt got some love with the new EMP Field Component:

Causes and electromagnetic pulse around your ship that will damage and disable all hostile mines and drones in a 3000m radius for 15 seconds. Hostile ships caught in the pulse will have their accuracy reduced by 10%, their sensor and communication range reduced by 5000m, and their system ability disabled for 15 seconds.

Some nice upgrades to it as well that can disable missile locking for a short duration on allies, and engine/shield abilities on enemies. Definitely going to be a fairly strong Scout vs Bombers.

Not too many new Cartel Market/Collections item pictures, but I did find some nice new loading screen/tutorial pictures.

Looks like the F-T2 Quell/FT-6 Pike got some love as well:

Looks like the F-T2 Quell FT-6 Pike got some love