History of the Old Republic

Rakatan Life - FinalHere is some really interesting original content from TJWright and we want to share with you. They are some super amazing images based on the History of the Old Republic and created for the new upcoming book. Here he explains the project:

Starting out 2015 with a bang by getting a gig doing Star Wars stuff for an upcoming book that will attempt to make sense of the Star Wars: Legends stuff that is no longer considered ‘canon’ by LucasFilm.

Now if you want to see more of the images for yourself, just check out the link and website. As for the upcoming book the images will be used in, not a lot is known just yet. It will be based around the Legends story and will not be new canon, at least not completely. There could be a some new content or ideas tossed in but mostly it should fit within the existing continuity of Legends. One thing is certain: if the upcoming book is anything like the artwork we’ve seen so far, it’s definitely one I want to add to my collection.

Here are some more images from the book:

Birth of a Republic

A New Age - Final

Serenity - Final

Star Forge Construction - Final

Give it a glance and let us know what you think. The artwork is beautiful if you ask me and I am definitely curious into what the book has to offer.

Lisa Clark

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