Forbes discourages pre-ordering Battlefront

Forbes discourages pre-ordering Battlefront

As well all are aware of by now, Star Wars: Battlefront is already available for pre-order and as much excitement as this game has given us, we think you should have some hesitations about pre-ordering it.

One of two scenarios are a possibility when receiving an item that you are totally psyched about that you pre-ordered: you are completely satisfied with the product or after all that excitement, it’s not as great as you thought it would be.

The problem is that most of the time we are disappointed with pre-ordered games instead of being satisfied. Most every game that is available for pre-order gives you an incentive in the DLC form. However, the DLC’s are usually totally and completely not worth the pre-order price.

We know that EA has a horrible reputation with brand new game releases, for instance, there were major issues with Battlefield 4 during its launch. This is one reason why we think you may want to hold off on pre-ordering. If you think that the end result will outweigh the risks for you, then go ahead and pre-order, we aren’t trying to tell you what to do, just give some helpful advice.

If you decide to preorder keep up with every detail about its development until it’s time for launch, if you find out about some problems you can easily cancel the preorder. The best advice we can give is to wait until the last minute to order because this will give you plenty of time to make sure things are running smoothly.

What are your thoughts? Will you be preordering Star Wars: Battlefront?